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Kura5 is a non-canonical fan game for the Boktai series and it's successor, Lunar Knights. It's neither a full remake nor a sequel, but a remix of both familiar Boktai staples and new elements that seek to recreate the magic that we all loved from the series. Kura5's weather system knows where you are in the real world, so there's no need for a solar sensor. In-game events may even play out differently depending on if you play in darkness or in light...And that's just the start!

This game is still currently in development but it is being updated. Feedback and bug reports are always appreciated!


  • Play as two halves of an unexpected duo: Annie, the Solar Gunslinger, and Emil, the Vampire Swordsman!
  • Utilize their abilities in tandem to overcome a common enemy.
  • Weather Sync reflects the time of day and weather in the game with that of the real world!
  • The world and play changes based off of weather!
  • Play during the daytime and use the Pile Driver to purify the remains of Immortals with sunlight...
  • Or play at night and utilize vampire magic to eliminate your foe.
  • You can turn Weather Sync off and enjoy the game without need for an internet connection.
  • An original soundtrack containing tracks both familiar and new!

Windows PC Requirements

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher
  • DirectX 9 or higher GPU
  • 2.0 GHz Dual Core Pentium, i3, or higher processor
  • ~550 MB available hard drive space
  • 2 GB RAM
  • A functioning sun
  • Moon (optional)

Note that these are rough estimates. If you're not sure if your computer can run the game, try playing it on the "Fastest" setting on startup.


If you like this game, please follow us!

Dev Blog: kura5.tumblr.com
Support: boktai3D@gmail.com
Twitter: @Boktai3D
Discord: Kura5 Discord
BandCamp: LiteralLapin
SoundCloud: LiteralLapin

Install instructions

Simply download the .zip file, extract it, then double click the Kura5Demo.exe icon to start the game. Please glance at the README before playing.

For WeatherSync to work, please make sure that you are not connected to a VPN or proxy.

Already played the previous version? You can continue from your previous session by copy pasting the save.bok file into your data folder.

The story/gameplay will change depending on the weather/time of day so make sure to time your playthroughs.


Kura5 BOTU - Boktai Remix Tracks.zip 62 MB
Kura5 BOTU - Art Packet.zip 64 MB
Kura5_x86_ver0341.zip 355 MB
Kura5_x86_64_ver0341.zip 357 MB
Kura5_Linux_x86_ver0341.zip 393 MB

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This is *amazing*. I defeated the first immortal playing at night. I really like the idea of the dark piledriver, instead of just being forced to play the game during the day to beat them.

The style of the game is impeccable. It brings me straight back to the Boktai games in all the best ways. It also feels like you brought in the best elements of Lunar Knights without any of the garbage.

The writing is great, I love the chemistry between the two main characters, and I love how sassy and pompous Emil is about Annie's brashness.

Really, I'm just happy to find out someone else loves this series as much as I do, enough to try to make a game based on it. I'm writing a tabletop RPG ruleset in a similar vein!

Finished this demo in 2 parts. A very enjoyable experience. The WeatherSync system is a welcome addition to the Sun Sensor of the original Boktai series. If you played Boktai or Lunar Knights then this game will take you back to those times. Even if you haven't this game plays like a game made back in the 2000's Excellent work

Now I feel like booting up my DS and playing Lunar Knights

I forgot how warm the sun once felt when I play Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. Thanks for making me miss those days. The last year of high school and near the early years of college. I... I... I cannot dwell on the past.

I have a question, will Emil get the weapons based on the Immortals in the game if Annie purifies them? In addition, will the ending change based on how many Immortals Annie vs Emil defeat?

Taiyo~h! Anko~ku!

(1 edit)

Hi there! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game so far : )

If you purify an immortal (daytime) then Annie gains a new magic spell. If you assimilate an immortal (nighttime) then Emil gets a new weapon. 

The cutscenes overall will change depending on which immortals are purified vs assimilated. Even in this demo!


Damn, I originally bought Lunar Knights cuz it looked cool. I'm glad this is a thing, you bringing me back.

I keep getting softlocked on the train, after defeating Oakley I can't leave the room. There's a blinking arrow to say I should be able to go down, but I can't. Also can't even reset the room with the Dark Card, and after restarting the train section three times I still get the same result.

Linux build, in case it matters.

Oh no, sorry that happened to you, I'll look into it right now, do you happen to have a save file? (save.bok in Kura5 Data)

Ah, nevermind, I found the issue and will update immediately. In the meantime, you might be able to go through the exit by rubbing up against that wall if you haven't tried that already.

(2 edits)

Train's all good now, but, uh, I think I broke everything sleeping in Annie's room. I even talked to Nero and saved like the dummy I am...

(luckily I managed to bail myself out by just editing the save file to move my coordinates, but yeah whoops)

(1 edit)

Oh dear. Do you have a repro for this? (As in a way to trigger this bug?)

(1 edit)

Figured it out after some further prodding, I can get the clip to happen if I'm holding up-right to run into the bed while pressing A.

Thank you for the help! I'll add it to the bug list for next year's version


Thank you so so much for making this. I only recently found out about Boktai and I beat the first game last night; part of me felt a bit sad that there are only 4 games out there, but then I came across this project and I felt really excited to know that somebody is continuing to breathe life into this underrated franchise. I look forward to finishing the other 3 games and playing this as a final hurrah. Best of luck!


Thank you so much for the kind words! I look forward to hearing about your playthrough.


I've never played Boktai before, but I stumbled on this demo today and I loved it! Great job, I'm looking forward to the final game.

Awesome, thank you! Looking forward to putting it out there.

This game is AWESOME!!

Thank you!

reminds me of boktai :)


You may be excited to see some familiar faces in the game then ;)

very good this game, great work, thank you for the version for LInux, I'm already indicating to friends. : D


Thank you so much!

wanted to drop by and say this is an outstanding piece of work here, my only concern was the sol guns being your primary way of killin stuff at the start, but it was nighttime when I was playing, so I couldn't play much. Looks good, handles good  d-pad is a lil touchy when it comes to knocking on walls ( like, you get stuck on the wall un-intentionally ) but that's always been a boktai thing. 

I told everyone I know about this, can't wait to sink into it while my sun's out ;3

Thank you! 

You will get another character later on to help you at night. And I really appreciate you telling your friends! 

I thought the characters felt a little stiff; like the end lag preventing movement on shooting Annie's gun especially was a little much for me, and seeing as how you can cancel any lag by lock on spamming or by just rolling away anyway I don't see a reason for its existence... 

UH BUT OTHERWISE - BRILLIANT??? I LOVED this. Anything Boktai brings joy to my heart and it helps that this was a pretty quality experience. I for some reason didn't expect to really care for the new cast, but any interaction between Annie and Emil was immediately made entertaining and had me smiling for miles. I love them.

AND DUDE when at the very end in the train car - even as basic as it was - A BOKTAI BLOCK PUSHING PUZZLE appeared before me I freaked. Boktai2 was KING on those, and yal better not sleep on the block puzzles! I need them!!!

I fell into the floor and got stuck once, and the music stopped playing at one point, but I feel yal know you are doing and everything will get polished up as we go on. Good stuff!!!

Oh gosh thank you so much! This is some great feedback.

Do you have any other examples of the characters feeling stiff? I can see about sending annie and emil to the chiropractor.

(2 edits)

The stiffy-ness mostly just stemmed from the attack animations, really. Like basic movement and rolling I was pretty okay with. Now that I replay it though - I think Emil has the same amount of end lag after his sword swings I could also do with less of. Also that screen shake when he attacks in general ahhh not too big a fan? Obviously you need some of this stuff; the end lag and the shakyness to make attacks feel a certain way, I just think maybe they could be slightly lessened?

Hmm some other random tangents... I had some problems swapping lenses when using my 360 controller's analog stick; presumably because it was accepting extra inputs or something when I moved the stick a direction and it just kept rolling over my desired lens. I was able to avoid this by either making reaaaally delicate stick inputs, or by just using the DPad for lens swappings. Something could prob be done about that. ALTHO I just now realized this issue seemingly doesn't exist if you play the game on Fastest with the lower framerate; so the FPS being increased on higher settings seems to be the prob

Also... really petty but... Boktai 2 had a sort button for its item menus... I long for it so much here... My item menus got so dirty and disorganized. Is there one and I just didn't notice it? 

Ok! I can't do much about Emil's sword combo, but the controls should have been tightened up a bit, and the frame swap issue fixed too.

Let me know if there's anything else you have in mind, thank you!

(1 edit)

Nice demo, though I think Emil's Shadow Binding needs a bit better duration, his combo needs a bit less end lag, I found it easier to just use 1 attack, wait, 1 attack so I didn't combo, and you need to get more sun for your time(I was playing at Noon with WeatherSync off and was only getting 2 bars) I know its winter and all but still, it shouldn't be that bad, I mean I can get a good 3 or 4 from reality on Boktai2 in goodish weather right now so it feels wrong

Also loved some of the secrets, David Iroquois Pliskin was my immediate giggle, and at some point I might dig around for more then just the few readable graves

Oh yeah and there's some issues with hitboxes lingering too long, namely sometimes pools of darkness will keep striking you even if you get knocked away, and mummy explosions hurting even when the graphic fades, speaking of mummies, in Boktai the state of burning can actually stack, increasing the damage with each flame on them

Very impressive composition. I'll keep a close eye on it, the weather thing is very nice :)