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Welcome to the world of Witchery! Dive into the realm of the magical and wonderful as- Hey, that ghost just stole my couch!

Turns out a wicked witch made out of storm clouds has her eye on your home. Unfortunately for you, she's taken quite a shine to it. Armed with nothing but a brush wand, you must defend your cabin against her minions as she tries to take it away, piece by piece! Will you successfully fend off the magical mayhem, or will there be an empty crater where your house used to be? Who knows! Maybe you'll make some friends along the way! (‿★)

(Requires a Vive to play)


  • Maddie Duque - Programming, Design, VFX, Modelling (Cloud Witch)
  • Miranda Jacoby - Visual Development, Modeling (Wand, Moon), Animating (Cloud Witch)
  • Allison Traylor - Modelling (House)
  • Aditya Shankar - Sound Design (Music)
  • Daniel Hua - Modeling, Animating (Tiny Witch), VFX
  • Nicholas Erickson - Sound Design
  • Owen Fox - Modelling, Animation (Skull Minion)


Witchery.zip 26 MB

Install instructions

Open the zip

There's no menu, so the game starts when you draw a star.

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