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Erlen was my first attempt at creating atmosphere in a game with Unity. I tried experimenting with art style here: I hand drew all of the mundane furniture assets, but made all of the spirits using photoshop to create contrast.

I didn't really know how to code back then, so the game ended up being messy to the point of it not being fun to work on anymore. That and I also got too wrapped up in school to pay much attention to it any more.

The plot is that a wealthy family cuts down the tree of a fairy in the woods near their estate. As revenge for losing her home, the fairy seeks to go inside the mansion to spirit away the family's first born. However, since you are an uninvited spirit, if you touch anything in the house, you "die" and vanish into nothingness. Diary entries were supposed to reveal the story as you played more.

I have since lost most of the assets for this game and wouldn't really care to revisit it now.

It is only a few rooms long.

Install instructions

Must be opened in a browser that can open Unity Web Player. Must have Unity Web Player installed.


ErlenWeb.zip 18 MB


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Quite nice.