A downloadable game for Windows

A simple game about a father, a son, and petting dogs.

Made as a pitch for Carnegie Mellon's Game Creation Society (About the scope of a gamejam game) ArfPG was created by Maddie Duque, Miranda Jacoby, and Evan Shimizu.

Started out as an Undertale parody but mutated into it's own thing. Rigorous playtesting with students was carried out to make sure the goal of each level was clear.

More dog encounters were supposed to happen before the boss fight, but had to be scrapped due to time constraints. Scrolling text also didn't make it into the final build.

Intended to be an experience that takes a few minutes to complete. Enjoy!


Install instructions

Unzip the file and play!




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Really nice ! I liked very much the story x)

Thank you!~